A genuine Southern Rock Band from Macon, Georgia, Doc Holliday’s debut album for A&M Records entered the Top 30 Billboard 200 charts in 1981 and their second album, “Doc Holliday Rides Again” topped that success including the single “Last Ride”. The band worked the national coliseum circuit with mainstream acts including Black Sabbath and many others, creating a worldwide following but due to the stress of touring and management the band broke up in 1983. Re-uniting in the 1990s, they recorded more albums, and toured mainly in Europe. In June 2011 they completed their 30th Anniversary and Farewell Tour in Europe 2011.
Now back stronger than ever under the leadership of Eddie Stone Doc Holliday is bringing the music you love and looking forward to playing at Sweden Rock Festival in June of 2018!

Looking forward to the future and keeping Southern Rock alive!

Doc Holliday Band – 2018 Tour

Eddie Stone on Keyboards & Lead Vocals
Michael Gilbert on Lead Guitar
Tim Elliott on Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
William Gerbich on Bass & Backing Vocals
Chris Forbes on Drums

These boys are going to give you the ride of your life playing New and Classic DH Hits guaranteed to kickstart goodtime memories and create new ones.


Robin Kurth – Tour Manager & Head Sound Engineer
Tim “Butterbean” Bullock – Stage Manager / Guitar Tech

Original lineup 1981-1983

Bruce Brookshire – Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Eddie Stone – Keyboards, Vocals
John Samuelson – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Ric Skelton – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Herman Nixon – Drums

Full Discography

Doc Holliday – 1981
Doc Holliday Rides Again – 1981
Modern Medicine – 1983
Danger Zone – 1986
Song for the Outlaw – Live – 1989
Son of the Morning Star – 1993
Legacy – 1996
A Better Road – 2001
Gunfighter – The Best of the ’90s – 2003
Good Time Music – 2003
Rebel Souls – 2006
25 Absolutely Live – 2008